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First, I would to thank you for allowing me to serve the past four years as a councilman representing YOU and our great city. When I first asked for your vote in 2016, I promised you the I would focus on two things: first, I wanted to increase the city’s funding for our school system; as well as, rebuild the relationship between city hall and the school board. Second, I promised to focus on increasing transparency and community engagement in relation to city hall. Well, together as a council, we appropriated an additional two and a half million in unrestricted funds for the school system; as well as, appropriated funding to provide each school with school resource officers. Also, before now, City council meetings were never streamed live, nor was the meeting’s agenda intentionally disseminated with residents in advance—both of those things now happen.

PhD, Leadership in Educational Administration

Founder of Jefferson County Councilors Roundtable

BS, Library Science

Hoover Public Library Board, Chairman
Paid for by Councilman Casey
P. O. Box 255, Shannon, AL 35142
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