Invest in Residential & Commercial Technology

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First, need to invest “local” technology—residential and commercial. As a city with a large population concentration, we are more vulnerable to local, national and world events, which can impact our local economy. We should continue to move to more decentralized asset infrastructure (like fiber investments) that can provide unknown technology services in the future for many parts of the city. We’ve seen how COVID-19 restricted our mobility and cars were replaced with technological devices and remote access – this impacted our businesses who are reliant on traffic. Remote access can improve this greatly.

Second, we must create equity in access to technology resources by addressing the digital divide. Pursuing free public wifi at parks via our city network. Leveraging partnerships with interest service providers (like Verizon) and others to expand the network at a reduced rate. 

Last, we need to do our part to lobby legislation to create a level playing field with brick and mortar businesses and online retail. For those of you who are familiar with my efforts—you know that Live Love Shop Hoover is what I’m all about.

Continuing to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

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Hoover is the most diverse city in the State of Alabama in terms of race and ethnicity. But we have a long way to go from being just “diverse” to being inclusive. As your councilman, I think it is important that our city is not just designed to attract people from all different walks of life; but it is also important that our city prioritizes accessibility, making the journey a little easier for people and families living with disabilities.

If you reelect me councilman, my next project will be to encourage accommodations toward inclusion for city services and public spaces. Part of what makes Hoover great is how united we are as a community. What will make our city greater is how everyone will feel once they are here and able to enjoy our city, regardless of how they get around. Follow the links below to see my ideas on how to make Hoover an all-inclusive city.

A Better Environmental Strategy

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The City of Hoover leads the State of Alabama as a model for what anyone would want out of the city they call home. Our city is consistently ranked as one of the safest communities in the nation. Our education system is first class. The Hoover Public Library is one of the most innovative in the southeast. Our shopping and entertainment draws people from all over the state. Our communities are second-to-none. I will continue to champion strategic planning and zoning practices to protect our city from unwanted business or businesses that do not fit the family-first culture of our city. Additionally, a huge part of our success grows from intentional improvements in city services. As your Councilman, I will work to revamp our trash and recycling services to be more efficient, reliable, cost effective and providing the quality we demand.
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